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Thanks To All Our International College of Ministry Mentors:
Happy Thanksgiving to You And Your Families: May God Bless You
This Holiday Season! 

I Wish All Our Students of 
International College of Ministry A Happy Thanksgiving
Family is Everything To Us:

I Take This Time To Wish Our Campus Directors A 
Happy Thanksgiving You and Your Families
Thanks for All You Do!

I Take This Time to Wish the Alumni and Supporters of ICM a Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family Blessings and Prayers

I Take This Time to Wish Dr. Ray And Christie Self And All Faculty, Staff and Students of ICM A Happy Thanksgiving
Blessings to You And Your Family

GLORIA  DUCKETT, You Are Now Apart
Of ICM-World’s Greatest Seminary
We Are Here to Help Make This Rewarding 
Life Coach Certification Program! 

Gloria Duckett I love it!!!! Thank you!!!! 6 days ago

I am so excited to be apart of ICM College! Thank you, Dr. Green for all of your support and prayers. For being a vessel to help push me to my next.

Welcome aboard, Sabrina Bond! We are so excited for you to start the Life Coaching program with us at ICM! 

Let's take a moment to welcome a few new students who are starting our newest program to obtain thier Life Coach Certification! 
Gloria Duckett,...
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 I just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful good morning and pray all is well with your studies. 

We'd like to take the time to celebrate Thomas Grden on completing his Masters in Christian Counseling! Your hard work has paid off. Congratulations... Show more

Please welcome Gloria Duckett whose been accepted into ICM's Life Coach Certification program.

Gloria Duckett Thank you so much! I'm so excited to begin! 2 weeks ago


As many of you know, we have introduced a new life coaching certification program. During our live web class last week, a...
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**ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT!!**As many of you know, we have introduced a new life coaching certification program. During our live web class last week, a number of you indicated a desire to become a certified life coach through our program. Each person desiring to be a part of this program must complete our Life Coaching Application: https://www.icmcollege.org/index.php?option=com_content....The first required course is the live web class that began last Tuesday. To receive credit for the live web course Life Coaching for a Purpose toward your certification program, please submit your application by Nov. 17th. Before applying, please review the qualifications for this program carefully. The qualifications are explained in the application.Important – because of the large number of people attending this webinar, please log in early on Tuesday. If you cannot get in the class, remember that all registered students receive a free recording of the class each following Thursday.

Welcome Theresa Mason Ford 
Glad To Have You In ICM 
PhD in Christian Counseling
Program: Go For It!  

Please welcome Theresa Mason Ford for being accepted into ICM's Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling program.

Theresa Mason Ford Thank you, Steve! 3 weeks ago

Congratulations Tom Grden on Your Master of Arts in Christian Counseling!