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Today Is A Great Day At ICM Take Time: Thank/Praise God For Your Progress This Far: Ask Him For The Strength To Make It To The Finish Line. You Will.

Dr. Mary Green is friends with Dana Jackson

Marva, Your Goal Is Worth Every Bit Of Sacrifice You Could Make. Keep Making One Step At A Time. Keep Believing The Goal Isn’t Beyond Your Reach... Show more

.Linda, Today Was A Special Day For Me To Spend Time ,Sharing With You. You Are An Amazing Gift To The Body Of Christ. Walk In Your Calling; Never... Show more

God Bless You Dr Green for taking the extra time out to be there for me. I really appreciate the valuable asset you are to the students at ICM... Show more

June, I’m Pleased With Knowing You Are Getting Back On Track To Get Those Requirements Needed For Graduation. Keep Guaging Your Time Making The Most... Show more

River, I’m so proud of the great effort and time in completing your different courses toward your Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling. Keep up... Show more

A public shout-out to Dr. Mary Green for an excellent job engaging students in ICM's Student Lounge. 

Gloria Duckett DR. MARY GREEN is an amazing person and counselor! She enjoys doing what she does in the kingdom and with ICM. If it were not for her, I would not... Show more 6 days ago

Amy Grubb is friends with Breanna Jones

Dr. Mary Green is friends with Breanna Jones

Jarita, This Is A Magnificent Day At ICM! We Hope You Are Moving Along On Your Journey At ICM To Achieve Your Bachelor Of Arts in Christian... Show more

Ericka, This Is A Great And Marvelous Day At ICM And You Are Making The Most Of Your Life Changing Experience From ICM.
We Are Always Here To Serve...
Show more

Dana, Today Is A Wonderful Day At ICM. We Hope You Are Working Hard To Achieve Your Goal. Don’t Let Anything Stand In Your Way. Only You. An Make... Show more

Dana Jackson Thank You Dr. Mary Green Yes Working hard and Thankful For Everything That He is doing in This Season.... 4 days ago

Breanna, You Started Out With High Expectations And Lots Of Enthusiasm But Has Unfortunately Found Yourself In A Place Of Complacency. Shake... Show more

Breanna Jones You are so right! Thank you I appreciate you very much. I'm starting back running. 7 days ago

This is a powerful testimony from Bishop Panton Okon after completing our course on Apologetics -
I have learned a lot as well as have been reminded of...
Show more

OF REQUIREMENTS FOR Bachelor Of Arts In Christian Counseling Degree. A JOB WELL DONE.

Gloria Duckett Thank you, Dr. Green! I could not have done it without your support. You are a valuable asset to ICM. You want to see everyone one win. 1 week ago