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Living in the Kingdom of God

This class is designed to answer very important and complex questions about the Kingdom of God. -How does one enter into the Kingdom of God? -What...

  • Sunday, 23 August 2020 11:00 AM
  • Liberty Church Campfire Campus: 120 Kenyon Rd, Arab, AL 35016

Please welcome Dorothy Harris Curry, our newest student, for being accepted into ICM's Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling program.

ICM's Spring Newsletter is now available for online viewing at:

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God Bless! hope everyone had a pleasant Holiday weekend... 

Campus Corner – ICM Memphis Campus located at Limit Breaker Church,
6720 E. Raines Road, Memphis TN
(Dr. Terrie S Reed, Campus Director)

With so...
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Campus Corner – ICM Memphis Campus located at Limit Breaker Church, 6720 E. Raines Road, Memphis TN (Dr. Terrie S Reed, Campus Director)With so many other educational institutions in Memphis, the ICM Memphis campus has found its place and serves as an integral part of the educational landscape offering the various ecclesiastical degrees in an economical fashion.  Students love that fact their payments are done within a year as well as their coursework.The ICM Memphis Campus is probably the oldest campus; it was inherited by Dr. Terrie Reed from Dr. Nina Gardner and Dr. Ray Self.  The exchange happened in March 2010 after Dr. Reed came on as Campus Director.  The campus has gone through ups and downs, but it remains as a stable campus.  The classes are held at Limit Breaker Church (formerly Rock Church) located at 6720 E. Raines Road in Memphis, TN. The ICM Memphis campus offers degree and certificate onsite courses to students in the tri-state area: Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.  Students have the opportunity to attend class on Thursday nights and the monthly Blitz. Many students have completed their educational journey and matriculated from the Memphis area campus to go on to greater vocations and businesses, including the pastor of Limit Breaker Church.Students from various backgrounds have attended the Memphis campus with great success and usually complete their coursework within a year after starting.  Some of the students are pastors, counselors, authors, entrepreneurs, parents, etc.  We have experienced growth with as many as 24 students participating in the graduation exercise in 2019. Many more actually completed the coursework that year, but chose not to partake of the exercises.  Upon graduation, students are equipped and trained to serve not only the local community, but wherever the Lord decides to send them.  They are engaged and activated by degreed and loving instructors in a safe environment with proper skills and tools to answer the Lord’s call.  The students earn their degrees and certificates with honor, integrity and hard work; it is truly a marriage of Spirit and Truth!

An Interview with ICM Alumni & Guidance Counselor, Dr. Mary Green.

ICM: With us today, we have ICM alumni and guidance counselor, Dr. Mary Green...
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An Interview with ICM Alumni & Guidance Counselor, Dr. Mary Green.ICM: With us today, we have ICM alumni and guidance counselor, Dr. Mary Green. Welcome Dr. Green and thank you for participating in this interview. Perhaps we could start off with what degree you earned from ICM and what year you graduated.Dr. Green: I have three degrees from ICM: a PHD in Ministry, a PHD in Christian Counseling, and a Doctor of Divinity having graduates in 2011, 2018, and 2019 respectively. ICM: And now you use your equipping as ICM’s guidance counselor to assist students with their degree programs?Dr. Green: That’s right—I was offered the guidance counselor position in 2019.ICM: What brought you to ICM back in 2011?Dr. Green: I first heard of ICM through a former graduate. Their testimony impressed me. But of course, it wasn’t the testimony alone that inspired me to enroll.ICM: What were the other things that helped you decide to enroll at ICM?Dr. Green: To start, ICM is an accredited college with a bible-based vision. ICM’s online degrees are very affordable especially when compared to other bible colleges. Also, Dr. Self is very generous when awarding life credit toward a degree. ICM is non-denominational and supports those with financial hardships.ICM: Tell us a little about your ministry background.Dr. Green: I served as senior pastor of three congregations, one in Eugene, Oregon, one in Tacoma, Washington, and one in Seattle, Washington.ICM: And what are you currently doing?Dr. Green: Currently, I head different ministries in my local congregation. There’s Bridge Builders International in Arlington, Texas under Dr. Johnasen Pack. I’m an Elder of the Ministerial staff and have served in the Women's Ministry as the International Leader of the Women’s Ministry of ‘The Jordan Partnership.’ I’ve served in the Children's Ministry and I am committed to serve as a Life Coach investing in others, believing with a positive mind, communicating from a place of love, compassion and understanding, while helping others find meaning, direction, and fulfillment for their God given purpose in life.ICM: And at ICM? What are you doing there?Dr. Green: So far, I’ve encouraged and assisted at least 10 persons to join the ICM family. And I’ve seen some of those persons graduate with a B.S., B.A. and PhD degrees. I’ve written curriculum for several courses in Chaplaincy and am dedicated to helping ICM fulfill its call to equip God’s people for ministry.ICM: Can you explain how ICM has helped you in your ministry?Dr. Green: Because of the vast knowledge and expertise of ICM’s seasoned professors, experts in different areas of counseling, who have spent hours of research, alongside first-hand experiences and practical application, my perspective of God’s Word calls me to serve. I now feel better equipped to tackle issues that in the past I was hesitant to touch. Knowledge is powerful. I am now equipped to deal with multiple issues and get to the root cause of problems rather than addressing symptoms to work toward healing. The empowerment I’ve received helps me step out, believing I can and will embrace Isaiah 61:1 with greater understanding. ICM: Would you share an experience where your ICM training helped you counsel someone?Dr. Green: There was the time a friend suffered the loss of a loved one. I was there to help my friend through their grief and mourning process and to help with the many details that can easily be overlooked. This gave my friend a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a voice to encourage acceptance of the things that don’t make sense. I am grateful I didn’t have to pretend to have answers. My ICM training helped me be confident in saying that there are times life will present hard questions for which there is no answer like why a loved one is gone. I helped my friend walk through the stages of grief to finally come to understand that they could go on with life. The pain is real, but it does get easier as we trust God to comfort us and walk us through the process.I was able to help my friend through grieving, mourning loss, and understanding that sometimes a person has to repeat these stages. Other times, there is no consistent order to the recovery process. ICM: What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling in ICM?Dr. Green: Becoming a member of the ICM family can be an opportunity of a lifetime. ICM is an in-depth ministry training seminary, accredited to award ministry licenses, ordination, and every level of degree as well as a place to inspire personal growth. Even if you’re desiring to redeem your past and find your promised land, ICM is the place to invest.ICM certainly teaches the application of God’s Word, and students are able to work in a home atmosphere. It’s easy to email work, questions, and concerns and readily get a response. Students can turn in one assignment or as many as they are able to complete. I found ICM to be hands-on: to be able to literally talk with the president of ICM, a man who is a born teacher and lover of equipping men and women to do ministry— hear him pray and cry with you, and prophesy in your life, causing your future to line up with God’s purpose. I consider ICM a hidden treasure that has propelled me to share this best kept secret. ICM is able to meet you where you are. It’s affordable. It’s not force driven, but it definitely demands you to make a choice to become a part of one of the most striving seminaries around the world.ICM: Thank you for sharing your story with us today. We encourage all our students to feel free to reach out to Dr. Green, ICM’s Guidance Counselor available in ICM’s Student Lounge.

Today's your last chance to sign up for Dr. Self's new course, Counseling Relationships and Boundaries!!!

If you are set to graduate this August and...
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Welcome Robert L. White to the
ICM Family as You Learn and Grow with us. Enjoy the Experience.
We Are Excited For You!

Welcome Alfie Bowen to
International College of Ministry
Family-Enjoy this Journey With Us

Please welcome Alfie Bowen, ICM's newest student, for being accepted into the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling program.

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Humbly Seeking God, a ministry course by Dr. Nina Gardner is now available as an elective course for ICM students. Full course details are available... Show more

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School of the Spirit

**MUST REGISTER VIA EMAIL**: treed@icmcollege.org Credit Hours: 3hrs Category: Theology and Ministry This course contains four powerful lessons...

  • Saturday, 23 May 2020 09:00 AM
  • Anywhere