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Wishing All ICM’S Campus Directors  the gift of peace, joy and unconditional love this holiday season and into 2021 

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Campus Corner - Liberty Church, Arab, Alabama

In September 2013 Liberty Church-Arab became one of the many campuses of International College of...
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Campus Corner - Liberty Church, Arab, AlabamaIn September 2013 Liberty Church-Arab became one of the many campuses of International College of Ministry with Drs. Forrest and Lisa VanSandt as campus directors.  Since that time the campus has had approximately 40 ICM students working toward various degrees with 15 graduates. While that may seem like a small amount of students, Arab is a small rural town –but it is alive and growing! The Liberty Church ICM campus is currently in the process of re-vamping the scheduling of courses offered on campus.   Beginning in February of 2020 the plan is to utilize the graduates on a “rotation” type schedule to teach or facilitate ICM courses at either of the Liberty Church Campuses.  At the present time Liberty Church has 3 campuses—The Downtown Campus, Campfire Campus (both in Arab) and a newly launched campus in Holly Pond located about 30 miles from Arab.In August of 2015 Liberty Counseling Ministry was developed to assist the pastoral team in providing care for the congregation but is now opened to anyone—believer or non-believer. The ministry provides a safe environment where God’s love, healing and hope can be experienced through Biblically-based solutions.  This service gives ICM graduates the opportunity to put their hand to the plow with their hard earned degrees to lead others to freedom and wholeness as well as expanding the kingdom for the Glory of the Father.    These ministers provide encouragement, insight and Biblical guidance to individuals during times of crisis, change, or personal or family difficulties.  The ultimate goal of the ministry is to help people develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ that fulfills their deepest needs and desires—which is exactly what ICM has trained these graduated ministers to do. At the present time the ICM graduates who are serving as counselors and their respective degrees are:Christine Burgess—Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Counseling Opal Smith—Master’s degree in Christian CounselingRenay Bullard—Doctorate in Christian Counseling with a Bachelor of Arts degree in MinistryChris Lawrence—Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Counseling Pamela Youngblood—pursuing a Master’s degree in Christian CounselingMelessa VanSandt—Doctorate in Ministry as well as pursuing a Doctorate in Christian Counseling International College of Ministry has become an integral part of Liberty Church for the equipping of the saints, for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ and for the furtherance of the Gospel—expanding the kingdom of the Most High God.
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