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May this Holy season find you among those you love, sharing the gift of 
Love  that shines brighter than the lights on the tree. 

Thanks to Our Alumni and Supporters for sharing in ICM 2020 Graduation Celebration in Making It
A Most Rewarding Time During This PANDEMIC YEAR!!!

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have
to see the whole stairway. Just take the first step.” Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr.
As we begin 2020,...
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Blessings to ICM Alumni, as we approach the Christmas season, we begin to see images of mangers, wise men, and shepherds. One thing, we really miss... Show more

An Interview with ICM Alumni, Dr. Deborah Colbert

ICM: With us today, we have ICM graduate and alumni, Dr. Deborah Colbert. Welcome Dr. Colbert and...
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An Interview with ICM Alumni, Dr. Deborah ColbertICM: With us today, we have ICM graduate and alumni, Dr. Deborah Colbert. Welcome Dr. Colbert and thank you for participating in this interview. Perhaps we could start off with what degree you earned from ICM and what year you graduated.Dr. Colbert: Which one—the first or second?ICM: Oh, that’s right, your so enjoyed your enrollment with ICM, you came back for a second degree. Go ahead and tell our readers about both degrees.Dr. Colbert: My first ICM degree was in 2013 and that was my Doctorate in Philosophy of Christian Counseling. Two years later in 2015, I completed my Doctorate in Theology.ICM: And has your dual-degrees helped you in your ministry?Dr. Colbert:  The credentialing is the part that I believe is powerful.  Those that have been wounded have difficulty trusting and I find the credentialing in conjunction with the life experience of the counselor is a powerful combination for those seeking help. They are more likely to feel safe and more inclined to come forward to ask for help.ICM: And I presume, when you say “they,” you’re referring to your patients. Tell us more about your ministry and what you do.Dr. Colbert: My ministry is called a transforming prayer ministry. It is a counseling tool that connects the recipient with a triggered emotion in the present and allows a process through association, that takes them back to (a memory) the original implantation of the lie/lies.  This is where Truth is uncovered, again with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. It treats the point of deception, where/when lies were implanted that continue to cause behavioral problems in the present time. Miracles happen when God reveals truth to someone (personally). ICM: Do you feel your ICM training and degrees have been helpful in counseling your patients?Dr. Colbert: I have treated many professionals and their first request from me is to tell them about my credentials as well as my life experience.  I do share myself honestly from the start and this allows them to open up and let their guard down. ICM: What advice would you offer to someone considering enrolling in an ICM degree program?Dr. Colbert: I would highly encourage them to enroll as I feel sound doctrine is taught in a way that is interesting, stimulating, emotionally engaging and heartfelt. ICM: Thank you so much Dr. Colbert for spending some time with us today. If any of our readers want more information on your ministry, where can they go?Dr. Colbert: All my contact information is available at:

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