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The Book Of James v2ICM's Featured Ministry Course

The Book of James

The book of James is a concise, how-to guide on being a Christian. James was a major leader in the Jerusalem church, and the brother of Jesus Christ.

This letter gives Gods practical advice for Christians everywhere, but especially for believers feeling pressure to conform to today’s social worldly standards.

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FSW v2ICM's Featured Ministry Course

Foundations in Spiritual Warfare

Foundations in Spiritual Warfare guides each student though a training program for Kingdom warriors.

This course was built upon the ICM principle of equipping the saints through knowledge of God's word, and from lesson one through the concluding virtual simulation, this course arms God's people to fight in His war against the dark kingdom.

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Called To Be A Pastor v2ICM's Featured Ministry Course

Called to Be a Pastor

If you are feeling a nudge from God that will not leave you alone about being a pastor this course is for you.

The job of pastor may be the most important and influential job in our society today. This teaching will help existing pastors and those ready to answer this wonderful call of the Lord.

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The Divine Exchange v2ICM's Featured Ministry Course

The Divine Exchange

At the cross a divinely ordained exchange took place. It was conceived in the mind of God and acted out at Calvary. By this one sacrifice God made provision for all of the needs of the whole human race in every area of our lives for all time.

If God has already made the provision through Christ at the cross why are we not experiencing the benefits that are promised? This teaching will answer this question and impact your life.

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Apologetics v2ICM's Featured Ministry Course

Apologetics: Evidence for the Christian Faith

It cannot be understated that Jesus was controversial. Did He really claim to be God? Was He really God in human form? We will discuss these and other topics such as - Why Apologetics? Is the Bible reliable? Did Jesus exist? Who was Jesus? Was Jesus God?

Learn the truth concerning the evidence for the Christian faith. Learn how Christianity is more than a religion that is simply trusted. It can be proven!

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