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Removing Blockages to Transformation v2VID - Removing Blockages to Transformation

Course Number: CC 5150-30
Removing Blockages to Transformation, ICM Course
Category: Christian Counseling
VID - Video Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

This course was recorded during in ICM Live Web Class in ICM's virtual classroom.

In Removing Blockages To Transformation we will delve into the reasons why so many people in the body of Christ are confounded, hindered and resisted in their spiritual growth. One anecdote was to tell them to just buck up and get over it. These believers desperately want to do just that but they are at a loss as to exactly how to break through their impasse and begin moving forward again.

Removing Blockages To Transformation will present and define key battlefronts that need to be identified and conquered for the believer who is serious about becoming a completely new creation in Christ. The two battlefronts we will study are Emotional Oppression and Spiritual Oppression. We will look at several modern counseling and deliverance models from proven ministries to address these two areas through the application of Inner Healing (i.e. healing of memories) and Personal Spiritual Warfare.

Removing Blockages To Transformation is a six-lesson course presented by Pastor Rick Bopp, of Jacksonville, Florida. Pastor Rick draws from the Word of God and experience gathered from over ten years in pastoral ministry and counseling. He obtained his Masters of Christian Theology Degree from ICM. Pastor Rick's thesis was on the subject of techniques for breaking though into personal freedom in the Christian life. His background in communications helps Him to enhance his presentation with many visual aid and illustrations.

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