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Doctrine Of Holy Spirit v2

The Holy Spirit - ICM Course
Category: Theology & Ministry
VID - Video Course

This free lesson comes from ICM's Theology & Ministry course The Holy Spirit. This course is part of ICM's core curriculum required for all ICM degree programs.

This course will teach the study about the many attributes of the Holy Spirit. The course covers the many works of the Holy Spirit. The course examines the work of the Spirit in the believer, in the unbeliever, in the world, in the ministry of Christ, in the ministry of the church and much more.

This is a vital study for all Christians seeking knowledge and a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us a revelation of Christ, so an understanding of the Holy Spirit is essential to an understanding of Jesus.

Lesson 01, titled The Trinity from the Beginning is presented here for your study and enjoyment. We hope you enjoy this lesson and encourage you to consider taking the full 8-lesson course available as a digital download or through ICM's course catalogs as an enrolled student.


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