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Welcome to ICM's FREE Lessons

ICM's FREE Lessons are a combination of special classes and actual lessons out of ICM's degree program courses.

We invite you to browse and study our free lessons. Should you find yourself engaged with a particular lesson, you may purchase the full course as a digital download by following the links at the end of the lesson.

Be sure to come back often to see new lessons we continuously add to ICM's Free Lessons Catalog.

The 7th Day x200 01ICM's Featured FREE Course

The 7th Day

ICM's newest addition to our Free Lesson catalog is The 7th Day.

Taught by Dr. Steve Wittmann in ICM's Live Web Classroom, this 1-hour lesson is part of ICM's Free Hot Topic series.  

In this 1-hour special class, we explore the 7th Day of Rest in the New Testament.  

Click here to learn more about this exciting course.

ICM's Top 5 FREE Lessons:
  1. Dealing with Controlling People
  2. Unchained & Under Cover
  3. Foundations in Spiritual Warfare
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. Essential Christian Doctrines
ICM's Most Recent Additions:
  1. Leviathan Across America
  2. Don't Say That!
  3. The 7th Day
  4. The Lost Day of Easter
  5. Halloween - Night of the Walking Dead
  6. Personal Ministry Seminar

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