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How to Take an ICM Web Class

ICM Web Class Image 01Welcome to ICM's newest feature, live classes in our virtual classroom.

ICM's live web classroom takes place in a virtual lecture hall where students see, hear, and participate in a live classroom environment in real time. Students are able to see and hear the instructor as well as other students in an open microphone/webcam environment creating a like-real-life classroom.

The course instructor teaches from a digital presentation screen with whiteboard markup ability for emphasizing important  lesson points.

Students may raise their hand to ask questions, participate in classroom discussions, or pose questions to the instructor via the live chat utility.

The virtual lecture hall also supports a text window where the course instructor and students may share resources such as links to webpages or download links to course material.

Premium seating is limited, having live simultaneous audio-video feeds viewable by all classroom students.

Standard seating includes live audio participation and video views of the instructor and premium seating students. In an average ICM web class, there are usually 15 to 20 students.

ICM's live classroom webinar works on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, however we recommend students use Google Chrome. Macintosh users can download Chrome for Mac.

Students participating in ICM's live classroom must have broadband Internet service. Cable, DSL, WiFi, and some air cards are supported. ICM's live classroom does not support public access WiFi or dial-up connections due to limited connection speeds.

Recommended connection speed is a consistant 2.0 Mbps (ie: 2,000 Kbps). Minimum speeds required to participate in ICM web classes are:

  • Minimum download speed: 2.0 Mbps or 1000 Kbps
  • Minimum upload speed: 0.5 Mbps or 500 Kbps

You may test your connection speed by running the speed test utility at www.speedtest.net.  

When you're ready to participate in an ICM live web class, open ICM's Web Class Calendar, select a current class and open it to register.

Always enter an ICM web class via the web class calendar links. For a video walk-through of ICM's virtual classroom, watch the Tech Help video below.


ICM Web Class Calendar


ICM Tech Help Video - How to Log into an ICM Web Class


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