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Making Sense v2 TmbTB - Making Sense Out of Life

Course Number: CC 5115-30
Title: Making Sense Out of Life
Author: Patrick J. McGuffin
Category: Christian Counseling
TB - Text Book Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

When your life has been shaken by an unexpected event or issue, what practical steps can you take to turn things around? Making Sense Out Of Life is a timely book to help people successfully navigate through tough yet important times. "I am an avid reader and this is the first book that I've read that provides good, practical solutions to life's challenging problems that we all may face at one time or another," writes Dr. Mike Zobel of GODTV. Key areas practically dealt with in McGuffin's book include: overcoming a job crisis, how to leave your past in the past, great ways to improve relationships, discussing why sex is so complicated, learning how to hear God clearly, and moving past the issues that incapacitate you.

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