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Good Mourning v2 TmbTB - Good Mourning

Course Number: CC 5090-30
Title: Good Mourning
Author: Allan Hugh Cole
Category: Christian Counseling
TB - Text Book Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

Allan Hugh Cole wisely and gently guides the person who has suffered loss, first through grief and then through mourning.  There are no evasions of hard reality, there is no sanctimonious rhetoric; the book is true throughout.  There are concrete suggestions on prayer, scripture reading, and worship as essential to healing.  It walks that fine line between spiritual and scholarly depth while offering accessibility to the general reader.  Cole also shows concretely how we may draw on the best practices of bereavement counseling, and of religious faith and spirituality, to encourage “good mourning.”  Cole describes what it takes to be engaged in “good mourning” instead of endless suffering and demonstrates how faith and prayer can be practical tools in rebuilding life after loss.

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