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Suprised Voice God v2 TmbTB - Surprised by the Voice of God

Course Number: MN 3190-30, SP 4090-30
Title: Surprised by the Voice of God
Author: Jack Deere
Category: Theology & Ministry
Qualifies for: Prophetic Concentration
TB - Text Book Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

Surprised by the Voice of God takes you to the Bible to discover the variety of creative, deeply personal ways God still communicates with us today. You'll learn how God speaks with people apart from the Bible, though never in contradiction to it.  Jack Deere first describes the ways God revealed his thoughts to first-century Christians.  Then he tells why God continues to speak to us using the same methods.  Finally Deere tells how accurately God speaks through prophecies, dreams, visions, and other forms of divine communication.

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