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Studying Interpret v2 TmbTB - Studying, Interpreting & Applying the Bible

Course Number: TH 2095-30
Title: Studying, Interpreting & Applying the Bible
Author: Walter Henrichsen
Category: Theology & Ministry
TB - Text Book Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

This compilation of the author's popular trilogy shows how the tools of observation, interpretation, and application form the backbone of Bible study for lay people, Bible students, and seminarians. This book will help students as well as ministers, young people and old alike, as they learn to study Scripture more easily and conveniently. The chapters on studying the Bible help the beginning or experienced Bible student mine God'sWord for its riches through verse analysis, chapter analysis, the overview of a book, the study of a topic, and the study of Bible characters (including charts, diagrams, and other helpful illustrations). The unit on interpreting the Bible explains Bible interpretation based on grammar, history, and theology. The section on applying the Bible moves beyond study to life applications, enabling a person to be motivated to make personal application, move beyond a"to do" list to an internal desire to obey, consider the risks involved in obeying, and use specific application principles.

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