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Fear_Of_Starting_OverVID - Overcoming the Fear of Starting Over

Course Number: CC 5125-30
Overcoming the Fear of Starting Over, ICM Course
Category: Christian Counseling
VID - Video Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

This is a very important course for anyone who has come to the place in life where it is time to start over. Taught by Dr. Ray Self and Dr. Christie Self, topics include:

  • Overcoming the fear of vulnerability when meeting someone or the fear of getting too close
  • Self protection or defense mechanisms that can hinder your life
  • If I don't love again – I can't be hurt again, so if I feel something for someone…back off.
  • Distorted thinking i.e. – Don't reveal too much. People can't be trusted. Everyone's out to get something or… they're only afterone thing.
  • Overcoming that obstacle that holds you back from participation in group events
  • Overcoming the fear of the future. Only able to live one day at a time.
  • Overcoming fear of purpose. "God you are asking me to do what!!"
  • Examining self destructive behaviors

Dr. Christie Self holds a Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling. Dr. Ray Self holds a Doctorate in Christian Psychology and a Doctorate in Theology.

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