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Building People v2 TmbTB - Building a People of Power

Course Number: MN 3150-30
Title: Building a People of Power: Equipping Churches to Transform Their Communities
Author: Robert Linthicum
Category: Theology & Ministry
Qualifies for: Apostolic Concentration
TB - Text Book Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

Jesus never intended the church to become an institution; he intended it to be a people of power, seeking to transform the world.  Building a People of Power explores how God's people can exercise power in godly ways so that God's kingdom can be built in neighborhoods and cities. 

Built around a biblical exploration of shalom, Build-ing a People of Power deals with how local churches can use power to transform their cities.  Power is the capacity, ability, and willingness to act.  Most people and systems use that power to dominate and control.  But others have used it relationally in order to liberate, transform, and even save.  How Jesus used power relationally is carefully explored. 

This book presents detailed power strategies that enable the church to build productive relationships, address the primary issues of the people, and develop strong leaders, faithful organizations, and redeemed neighborhoods that live out shalom.

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