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Baptism Holy Spirit v2 TmbTB - Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Course Number: MN 3133-30, SP 4001-30
Title: Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Author: Jack Hayford
Category: Theology & Ministry
TB - Text Book Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

What is the baptism with the Holy Spirit and how can I receive it? Some believe that the baptism with the Holy Spirit-a source of continuing debate in Christian circles-was a gift for the early Church and is no longer bestowed today. Others recognize that the baptism with the Spirit is still given to every believer in order that Jesus can carry out His ministry through us. Jack Hayford dispels doubts and fears about the scriptural experience of the baptism with the Holy Spirit. In clarifying misconceptions about Holy Spirit baptism, he describes the complex issues of timing, the manifestation of the Spirit through speaking in tongues and the proper biblical attitude for believers seeking this gracious and incalculable gift. Each book in the Biblical Truth Simply Explained series examines a vital aspect of Christianity, enabling believers to understand and communicate the essentials of their faith.

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