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Unchained Under Cover 02 v2 TmbTB - Unchained & Under Cover

Course Number: CORE 1025-30
Unchained & Under Cover, ICM Course
Category: Theology & Ministry
TB - Textbook Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

This course is a textbook study of Unchained & Under Cover by Dr. Steve Wittmann.

What if you were shackled by chains of bondage you did not know existed? What if the leadership in your church, those to whom you turn for counsel and guidance, were themselves battered by spiritual oppression? Sadly, this is the condition of many churches today—yet this should not be so. For the power of freedom from spiritual bondage was won at Calvary over two-thousand years ago.

Unchained & Under Cover boldly exposes the motivations behind spiritual attacks against believers. Drawing on the spiritual gift of discernment of spirits, Dr. Wittmann examines demonic schemes and the methodology-of-bondage dark spirits use to hold born-again believers hostage. He examines attacks against the individual, church leaders, and the church itself, from the position that understanding your enemy is critical in defeating him.

But understanding the enemy is only the beginning. The reader then discovers their true identity in Christ and the power that is theirs in the name of Jesus. Dr. Wittmann guides the reader in how to use that power to receive lasting freedom and spiritual protection for both one's self and others.

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