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Warning - This is the Course the Devil Does Not Want You to See!

FSW v2VID - Foundations in Spiritual Warfare

Course Number: TH 2035-30
Foundations in Spiritual Warfare, ICM Course
Category: Theology & Ministry
VID - Video Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

After a year and a half in development, this eight-lesson video course is now available to all ICM students. This course was built upon the ICM principle of equipping the saints through knowledge of God's word, and from lesson one through the concluding virtual simulation, this course arms God's people to fight in His war against the dark kingdom.

Foundations in Spiritual Warfare guides each student though a training program for Kingdom warriors. This course begins by laying its foundation with a lesson called Blueprint of the Heavens. Building upon that foundation, the course goes on to explore the rise and fall of Lucifer, the character of God's enemy, the creation of Man, the character of God's warriors, the five different battlefields of spiritual warfare, and the weapons, strategies, and techniques available to the Kingdom warrior.

This course concludes with a virtual simulation of spiritual warfare to give students the feeling of a "hands-on" experience.

This course is for every born-again believer and every church in the body of Christ. This course will empower you to answer your God given mandate to expose evil deeds of darkness in the light of God's truth and continue in the works of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lesson Topics Include:

  • Blueprint of the Heavens - An Overview of the Spiritual Realms
  • The Cherub that Covers - The Rise & Fall of Lucifer the Morning Star
  • Adamah - Apple of the Father's Eye - An Earthy Race Destined to Rule
  • The Christian Warrior - The Character of a Kingdom Warrior
  • The Five Theaters of Spiritual Warfare - There's More than One Battlefield
  • Techniques & Strategies - Using Spiritual Weapons
  • Additional Spiritual Weapons - More Weapons for the Kingdom Warrior
  • Spiritual Warfare Simulation - Training through a Virtual Simulation

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Student Advisory:

Development of this course was met with resistance from begining to end. It is likely you too will experience resistance as you study this course. If you find your studies interrupted with distractions, your study time postponed due to unexpected delays, or difficulty concentrating on the teaching, we urge you to pray for spiritual protection by proclaiming the blood of Jesus over your study area, yourself, and any equipment you use during your studies.

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