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Counseling Victims v2AUD - Counseling Victims of Sexual Abuse

Course Number: CC 5045-30
Counseling Victims of Sexual Abuse, ICM Course
Category: Christian Counseling 
AUD - Audio Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

Counseling Victims of Sexual Abuse is a recording of live class taught by Dr. Ray Self in Orlando, Florida in 2010. This course covers many issues that are difficult to talk about but must be discussed. It is not unusual to discover in a typical church congregation the majority of women have been at one time been sexual abused. This course will cover sexual abuse and its affects on children and adults. The problem is openly discussed but always with God’s solutions and healing in mind.

This course is helpful for the Christian counselor or the victim. This online course consists of eight individual recordings with accompanying student notes. There are lesson assignments at the end of each class. This course is valued at 3 credit hours for enrolled students seeking a degree.

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