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Healing The Memories v2VID - Healing the Memories

Course Number: CC 5105-30
Healing the Memories, ICM Course
Category: Christian Counseling 
VID - Video Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

Healing the Memories by Dr. Ray Self is a serious study of the effects of traumatic memories and how they have still affect us today.

Memories include feelings, concepts, patterns, attitudes emotions, and visual images. Memories contain the expressions of how we felt at a particular moment. These memories can be factors that guide or hinder us in our present life. Memories do not necessarily go away nor can they be simply forgotten. However, their influence in our present and future can be managed in a healthy way. Painful past events can be open doors to further troubles. These old doorways have labels such as rejection, abandonment, betrayal, shame, guilt, and unworthiness. All of these labeled doors are redeemable with the healing truth of Christ. These doors can be shut and new doors of wonderful opportunity can be opened.

This 6-lesson course was recorded in ICM's Live Web Classroom. Each recorded class has an accompanying student notes. It is valued at 3 credit hours for enrolled students seeking a degree.

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