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Living & Moving in the Prophetic 255x225 01VID - Living & Moving in the Prophetic

Course Number: MN 3122-30
Living & Moving in the Prophetic, ICM Course
Category: Theology & Ministry
VID - Video Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

Living & Moving in the Prophetic is taught by ICM's President, Dr. Ray Self and co-presented by Prophet Debi Winderweedle.

If you have ever wondered if God has called you into this office, this course is for you. However, this series is vital for all ministers of the Gospel.

Understanding the prophetic gift and office is crucial for the church. This series will explain the call of the prophet, the gift of prophecy, and walking and living prophetically. You will learn how to tell if you are called to be a prophet and mature in your calling. Discover how to live a prophetic lifestyle. Living a prophetic life can be exciting and rewarding as long as you know how to avoid the enemy's snares.

This six-lesson series is an International College of Ministry course for both Theology and Ministry majors as well as Christian Counseling majors.

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