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The Complete Handbook Of Christian Chaplain Ministry

by Dr. Earl Pickett, Jr. (Chaplain)


The Making Of A Leader 02 v2 This course is a textbook study of The Making of a Leader by Frank Damazio. Students may purchase a copy of this textbook from the suggested sellers listed below.

The Complete Handbook of Christian Chaplain Ministry is the "go to" book for anyone called or curious about being a chaplain or even going into Christian ministry.

Unlike other books on chaplaincy that focus on particular institutions (hospitals, prisons, military, etc.), this book focuses on equipping people for the Christian ministry aspect of chaplaincy: how to help others like Jesus would. In these pages, readers will be motivated and challenged to pray and read the Bible more while also increasing their faith in God.

Yet, it will also equip them to do Christian counseling, win spiritual warfare, perform funerals & weddings, become knowledgeable about Cpr and First aid, how to relate to other cultures, what to do in a crisis situation, and so much more.

Please use the assignment forms provided for this textbook course. The assignment forms for this book are different from other books in ICM's course catalogs. If you use an assignment form for a different book, you may not recieve full credit for your work.

Unique to this book are chapter-by-chapter assignments. Below are a list of links. Each link opens each chapter assignment. You must complete all twelve chapter assignments. As you complete each chapter, return to this page to open its assignment.

Recommended Sites for Textbook Purchase:

Book Site #1 - Amazon Books

Book Site #2 - Google Books

Book Site #3 - Lulu Press

Assignment Links


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