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Excellence And Integrity v2CORE - Excellence & Integrity

Course Number: CORE 1020-10
Excellence & Integrity, ICM Course
Category: Theology & Ministry
Credit Hours: 1hr

This is a single lesson that explains what the staff of The International College of Ministry expects from all enrolled students. This teaching and its assignment is required for all students. We are in the business of training people for the most important work the world has ever known. We serve a savior who modeled integrity and excellence. As ambassadors of Christ are we not called to do the same?

This is a teaching by Dr. Ray Self that explains in exact terms what ICM means by integrity and excellence. No one is expected to be perfect but integrity requires that we will constantly strive toward excellence. The ministry requires integrity. A lack of integrity has caused much damage to the Church and the image of Christianity. This lesson is clear and will help any student understand what is expected of them.

International College of Ministry

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