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SNEL - Healing the Memories - Lesson 6
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  8. • Answer the following discussion questions in detail and in context with this lesson.

    • Thorough discussions earn higher grades.

    • Use scripture references when applicable.

    • Web Class students should complete this assignment before the next class.

  9. Explain the importance of Philippians 4:8 in relation to healing memories.(*)
    Please Complete Lesson Essay 01
  10. Explain how a distorted self-image can feed emotional wounds and the lies that they cause.(*)
    Please Complete Lesson Essay 02
  11. Why is surrendering our heart to the Holy Spirit important?(*)
    Please Complete Lesson Essay 03
  12. Discuss how the condition of our heart affects our body soul and spirit.(*)
    Please Complete Lesson Essay 04
  13. Course Final Essay Questions

  14. List three key points from each lesson in this course.(*)
    Please Complete Final Essay 01
  15. Discuss how you can apply what you have learned through this course to your ministry or life.(*)
    Please Complete Final Essay 02

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