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The Gospel of Jesus v2VID - The Gospel of Jesus

Course Number: TH 2050-30
The Gospel of Jesus, ICM Course
Category: Theology & Ministry
VID - Video Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

This six-lesson course will give you clarity and help you understand the most important message the world has ever known.

All things in life actuality center on the Gospel. The perfect finished work of Jesus has more impact on our lives and our world than we can ever fully understand. This course will explore why the Gospel is truly the good news. Dr. Ray Self will explain how the blessings of the Gospel can be lived and experience every day of your life. He will discuss the purity of the Gospel and why nothing can be added to it.

There has been much perversion of this topic taught in recent times. This course will look at the truth that only a thorough and complete understanding of the scripture can reveal. This is a series of lessons that are critical for all believers. We all need more revelation of the Gospel. It is the heart of Christianity and is the reason that we exist.

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Click each lesson link below to begin this course. Remember to complete and submit one assignment for each lesson.


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