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Counseling The Counselor v2VID - Counseling the Counselor

Course Number: CC 4050-30
Counseling the Counselor, ICM Course
Category: Christian Counseling
VID - Video Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

This new course by ICM will focus on ministering to the needs of church leaders. Pastors and church leaders are targeted by many schemes of the devil. Pastors and leaders get criticized, abandoned and talked about. It can be a very lonely place being a leader of the church. To minster to a leader takes a different set of counseling skills than the typical counseling session.

Many pastors seem to have no here to go for help and no one to turn to. If the Pastor is wounded he can hurt his entire congregation. The devil does everything in his power to illegitimize and discredit pastors and leaders.

Dr. Joe Warner is the Pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church. He has been ministering to church leaders from around the US and other nations sold over 25 years.

Dr. Ray Self has a doctorate in Christian Psychology and has trained and counseling in the Christian arena for 17 years.

This is an informative and exciting course on how to minister effectively to the leaders of churches.

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