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Prophetic Team Ministry v2VID - Prophetic Team Ministry

Course Number: MN 3163-30, SP 4060-30
Prophetic Team Ministry, ICM Course
Category: Theology & Ministry
VID - Video Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

Prophetic Ministry is the Holy Spirit’s gift to the Church. Unfortunately, this gift has been abused, confused, and misused to a point that makes it difficult for Church leaders and members to embrace in today’s culture.

What if there was a way we could reclaim a meaningful, God-honoring manifestation of prophetic ministry in our churches, without all the mess? We need Prophetic Team Ministry rooted in the gospel and empowered by the Spirit serving in the Church today.

Presented by Darin Slack, this 6-lesson course offera a compelling perspective on engaging prophetic team ministry drawn from Darin's thirty years of proven, submitted prophetic ministry to the local church. Darin’s proven prophetic gifting mixed with ongoing submission to local church leadership and sound doctrinal training have produced a uniquely mature and compelling perspective.

Darin Slack uses a biblically simple, sober, and sound delivery that challenges indifference and complacency while discouraging doctrinal disorder in the administration of the gift. It strikes a powerful and necessary balance that will inspire Church members, leaders, and students to see the great potential for blessing in prophetic team ministry, while reducing risk.

Drawing from his new book, Reclaiming Prophecy:Encouraging Church Leaders to Rethink Prophetic Ministry, he offers Church leaders, ministers and members of all doctrinal backgrounds, a faith-building process for realizing team prophetic ministry that edifies the Church.

This course covers the following topics:

  1. The Barnabas Factor – Initiating Prophetic Team Ministry Relationships
  2. 10 Benefits of Prophetic Team Ministry – Why Prophetic Team Ministry Works
  3. Models of Prophetic Team Ministry – Looking at Prophetic Team Ministry from Multiple Models
  4. Building a Prophetic Team – Where to Start, What to consider, What Matters Most
  5. Prophetic Team Ministry in the New Testament Church – Keeping the Gospel Central
  6. Prophetic “Team Players” in Scripture – Reviewing Individuals in Scripture Who Ministered Prophetically in Teams

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