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VID - Seed Wars - Lesson 4
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  6. • Answer the following discussion questions in detail and in context with this lesson.

    • Thorough discussions earn higher grades.

    • Use scripture references when applicable.

    • Web Class students should complete this assignment before the next class.

  7. 1. Summarize the Sethite View of Genesis Chapter 6(*)
    Please Complete Lesson Essay 01
  8. 2. Summarize the political landscape of the 5th century and explain the origin of the Sethite view of Genesis Chapter 6.(*)
    Please Complete Lesson Essay 02
  9. 3. The Sethite View holds that the sons of Seth were godly in that they correctly worshipped YHWH. Using the 2nd rule of hermeneutics examine Gen 4:26 and explain why this is or is not so.(*)
    Please Complete Lesson Essay 03
  10. 4. Jude 1:6 tells us that the angles held in chains until judgment did not keep their first estate and left their own habitation. Use the second rule of hermeneutics and explain what this verse tells us about the sons of God in Genesis Chapter 6.(*)
    Please Complete Lesson Essay 04

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