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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

As questions are asked by ICM students, answers and solutions are posted here. If you've experienced a problem using ICM's online school, please check to see if a solution is already posted in our frequently asked questions.

Question - Where is Maturing of the Saints? (07-07-13)

Answer - For those of you taking the course Maturing of the Saints, we must ask for your patience. This course is undergoing a major upgrade of its own, but was not ready for publication as of last week, and we decided not to hold up the site upgrade for this one course. At this time, you will not find this course in our course catalogs. We will publish the new and improved version of this course shortly. If you were taking this course at the time we upgraded the site, then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for instructions on completing the course.

Question - Do I need an ICM Email Account? (07-07-13)

Over the past four years, ICM has experienced a range of communication problems with our students. Depending on the student’s private email account, sometimes ICM mail never arrives or arrives without its attachments. Often, ICM administrators must send correspondence multiple times before a message is finally delivered. All of this translates to poor communication and wasted time fighting technology.

ICM’s new upgrade addresses the problem of communication by providing ICM students with their own ICM email address and online webmail account. This keeps all ICM-to-student communications within the ICM organization and not subject to 3rd party censoring.

Students may log into their ICM webmail account by using the "Student Email Portal" on ICM’s new Student Resource Center.

New students enrolling in ICM will automatically be assigned a student email account as part of their registration process. Students already enrolled in an ICM degree program may “opt-in” for an ICM student email account.

If you decide to opt-in, you will receive a new user name, a new password, and an ICM email account. These new credentials will replace your old user name and password at ICM College. If you have experienced any of the communication problems mentioned above, then opting in for an ICM email account may be beneficial.

If you would like to opt-in, then complete ICM's Student Account Registration Form. We will set up your account and send you your credentials.

Question - Can I forward my ICM student email to another account?

Answer - Yes, you can forward your ICM student email to another 3rd party account like Gmail or Yahoo mail, however, we do not recommend doing this. ICM provides all enrolled students with an ICM email account to insure communication between you and our directors, administrators, and instructors. Third party email providers are known to trash, spam, or flag ICM email and refuse delivery. By using your ICM College provided email account, you are assured to receive all correspondence concerning your enrollment with the International College of Ministry.

Question - Where are my grades? (07-07-13)

Phase two of ICM’s upgrade is scheduled for publication in late 2013. Phase two provides student profile accounts with access to grades, course list, and transcripts. Students will use the Student Administration Portal found in the Student Resource Center to access their administration profile. Watch ICM’s newsletter for details.

Question - When I click the login button, nothing happens. Why doesn't the button work?

Answer - Because ICM's online school is built to the latest Internet coding specifications, some older web browsers cannot properly display the login button. This is most noticable when using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. We recommend all ICM students use either Mozilla's Firefox web brower or Google Chrome. Both of these browsers are tested and validated to work correctly on ICM's online school.

A seperate login page is provided for ICM student using Internet Explorer. If you're experiencing difficulties logging into ICM College when using Internet Explorer, then use our legacy login form at ICM Legacy Login.

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