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ICM Applications


ICM Enrollment Application

The ICM Enrollment Application is where every ICM student begins. Open, complete, and submit an enrollment application today and begin the journey to your purpose.

Open ICM's Enrollment Application

ICM Enrollment Agreement

This is the form that you use to accept the terms of your enrollment and establish your payment plan. This form must be completed and your first payment made within 30 days from the date of your acceptance letter.

Open ICM's Enrollment Agreement

Graduation Application

ICM's Graduation Application is for students ready to graduate from their degree program. Use this application to designate the name printed on your diploma, and upload your graduation photo.

Open ICM's Graduation Application

Cap and Gown Order Form

Use this link to order your cap, gown, and accessories for your graduation ceremony or personal use.

Open ICM's Cap & Gown Order Form

Next Degree Application

ICM's Next Degree Application is for students ready to start a new degree plan. For example, a student who has completed their bachelors degree and wants to enroll in the masters program, would begin the next degree plan by completing the Next Degree Application.

Open ICM's Next Degree Application

Reinstatement Application

ICM's Reinstatement Application is for students who have become inactive or suspended and wants to reenroll with ICM to become an active student in good standing.

Open ICM's Reinstatement Application

Financial Hardship Application

ICM's Reinstatement Financial Hardship Application is for students who are experiencing a genuine financial hardship and wish to apply for assistance through ICM's scholarship fund.

Open ICM's Financial Hardship Application

Satellite Campus Student Application

ICM's Satellite Campus Student Application

Open ICM's Satellite Campus Student Application

Christian Counseling Certification Program

The purpose of this program is to provide training and certification to those called to the Christian Counseling Ministry. This program will equip those who desire to bring healing to the broken hearted and to help those struggling with life controlling issues. This certification is a strong addition to any ministry resume. It is also designed for those with a degree in counseling or people considering a future degree in Christian Counseling.

Open ICM's Christian Counseling Certification Program Application

License & Ordination Application

ICM's License & Ordination Application offers students an opportunity to obtain a ministry license and the possibility to be ordained. These programs are designed to recognize a legitimate ministry call from the Lord upon a student.

Open ICM's License & Ordination Application

Get Your FREE Evaluation

Would you like to know what it would take to get your online degree from ICM? Fill out this free evaluation form and we will give you the following information to help you make a decision. Remember there is no obligation this is simply to help you decide if a degree from ICM is what God wants for you. We will provide you the following:

  • The number of life and ministry experience credits that can be awarded (This includes conferences, seminars, church experience, missions etc.)
  • The number of previous education credits they can be transferred in
  • The number of credit hours you will need to complete for your degree
  • The type of courses you will need to take
  • A complete cost breakdown
  • Financial assistance options

ICM is a spirit filled seminary that teaches the truth and imparts and activates you to complete the call of God on your life.

Open ICM's Free Evaluation Form


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