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Blessing Or Curse v2AUD - Blessing or Curse (You Can Choose)

Course Number: MN 3045-30
Blessing or Curse (You Can Choose), ICM Course
Category: Theology & Ministry
AUD - Audio Course
Credit Hours: 3hrs

This powerful course is a recording of Dr. Ray Self teaching in a live "blitz" course format. It contains four lessons and is valued at 3 credit hours for enrolled ICM students.

Are you or your family experiencing repeated sickness or accidents? Do you feel under mental, emotional, or financial pressure much of the time? Are your closest relationships in turmoil? Do you wonder why success comes easily to other but seem to elude you?

Based on the book Blessing or Curse (You Can Choose) by bible teacher Derek Prince, Dr. Ray Self shows how the forces behind blessings and curses might be at work in your life. This course will help you understand the causes of curses, occult activity, hidden sin, abuses, abandonment, even sin from a previous generation, and teach you how to be set free from curses, so you can start enjoying the benefits of God’s blessings.

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