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See What People Are Saying About ICM College

Talking CoupleICM students and graduates often send us thank you letters, comments, and testmonies reflecting upon their ICM College experiences. Now, with our new Testimonials page, we are able to share those words of appreciation with you.

If you are enrolled in an ICM degree program, an ICM graduate student, or someone who has attended an ICM event like our community blitz courses, then please share with others your comments on your experience with the International College of Ministry.


0 #13 Forrest VanSandt 2015-01-26 21:27
Lisa and I would like to thank ICM for their support, prayers & thoughts during the passing of my mother from this life to the splendor of Heaven. Thank you Dr.'s Ray and Christie Self for the flowers and prayers during this difficult time. Thank you also to Dr. Terrie Reid for her thoughts, prayers & flowers for our family and mother.

Forrest & Lisa VanSandt
0 #12 Dr. Ray Self 2014-03-18 15:24
From Renay Bullard, ICM student -

Dr Ray, thank you so much for following the leadership of the Lord to do the classes on Messages from God. As I listened to the class the second time it spoke to me all over again. As you said certain people would never understand or approve of you doing such a class. I thought, God speaks to each of us about certain things. He gives each of us a vision that He may never give to anyone else. I was encouraged by the messages.
It gave me the confirmation to keep on with the classes until I have done what I know the Lord told me to do.
During the class someone commented on my statement when I said " My flesh is afraid". It could have been your wife. I didn't hear it until I listened to the class the second time. They made a simple comment, you can trust Him, Renay. It dropped in my Spirit.That is what you are doing with these messages from God. You are dropping promises, hope, and faith for others to grab hold of and to keep on going, keep on fighting, and to never give up.
Amen and praise God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0 #11 Vera Sims 2013-10-17 19:31
Good Afternoon, Dr. Self,

I know you are busy but just a quick testimony concerning the class School of Prophets Lesson 2. This morning I took the course and at the end you prayed and gave a word of prophecy, after that you said we should start by asking God for little things like finding our keys or something. Well I have heard you say that before but today I prayed that prayer and asked God to show me where my voice recorder was. I have been looking for it for a few weeks now. To make a long story short, I looked again in some of the same places and started to look in a purse and behind that purse was hanging another purse so I looked in it and there was the voice recorder, I thank you for your teaching.

Vera Sims
0 #10 Forrest VanSandt 2013-09-06 09:07
The online web lessons and studies was the only way that I was able to earn a degree in this busy and timely world. I am thankful to Dr. Self and ICM that gave me the opportunity to earn my Doctorate Degree in Theology. Dr. Self gave me the encouragement that was needed along the way to accomplish this task. The website is easy to follow and the lessons are very informative and gives a lifetime of useful Biblical direction for a Spirit filled and Spirit led life. These lessons and courses were created with the Holy Spirit's revelation of the Word of God. Students just beginning their pursuit in Godly education can find this beneficial to everyday life. Through the online website I was able to complete my degree at my timeline. Thanks again for this opportunity of a lifetime!
Forrest VanSandt
Arab, Al.
+1 #9 Dolly Briceno 2013-07-23 00:18
Some time ago I attended an ICM Blitz course entitled "Being Successful In Ministry" which particularly has added so much to my life. The instructors were especially annointed to teach this important subject. This class helped me by showing me how to minister to others right where I was in my life at that time... not involved in a particular "Ministry". I didn't know then that this class would also prepare me for a later time when I was asked to lead a Ministry where I had been attending for two years. Even as time has passed since I took this class, it continues to produce for God's glory as I have been able to refer back to the handout materials as new things come up in the Ministry I am involved with. I am so grateful that ICM opened their doors to the community for this class and may God bless this Ministry. Thank you Dr. Self for your dedication to teaching from God's Word.
0 #8 Yvonne Vidal 2013-07-16 12:15
Dear Dr. Pastor Ray Self,

I just wanted to convey my gratitude, thankfulness and what a blessing you have been to me and my daughter Melisa at the Estepona (Malaga) Church Event in Spain. It was an honor to have you with us and has been an answer to one of my prayers from 5 years ago. Praise the Lord! for He is always faithful and Good.

Your impartation, teachings, testimonies and stories soaking of prayers alongside with your Gifts of Prophecy and passion have been such a blessing, confirmation and great encouragement to me personally. ´My zeal and passion for the Lord has been re-ignited again. I will be connecting to your website and facebook for more blessings. Praise the Lord!

We thank you Father, for our families, friends,brothers and sisters in Christ and for all the blessings, both big and small, that you pour out on us each day. We know, Lord, that this life is not all there is; that the best is yet to come if we live for you. So, help us each day to live our lives in ways that honor and please you. And we'll not forget to give you all the praise and glory.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

In His Service.

Yvonne Vidal
Una Nacion Grande - Estepona (Malaga) Spain
0 #7 Lisa VanSandt 2013-04-16 07:35
Thank you, Dr. Self. By the way, we are thoroughly enjoying the courses of ICM. It has truly been a blessing to both to Forrest and I. The course, Healing the Memories was a little difficult in the fact that I had not processed and put in order issues and unresolved pain of my past. I am learning, though, to extend mercy to myself, accepting myself without judgment, while applying the Truth that I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Thank you for being obedient to the Father and establishing such as awesome ministry!

Blessings to you!
0 #6 Lisa VanSandt 2013-02-27 15:06
Dr. Self,

You are so right! The more we know the more faith we have. I have been Christian for 20+ years. I have known of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ but until I took the Essential Christian Doctrines class I didn't realize the depths of all that transpired from start to finish. I am in awe of His finished work. I am in awe of His love for us. While we were still sinners, while we were still "afar off", He had a plan to bring us home to Daddy. (Thank YOU Father!)

Thank You, Dr. Self, for your dedication to the Word and for your hard work and words of encouragement. May He continue to bless you with wisdom and revelation in Jesus Mighty Name! May the LORD continue bless and Keep you. May the LORD continue to smile upon you and be gracious to you. May the LORD continue to show you His favor and give you, His son, His peace.


Lisa VanSandt
0 #5 Deborah Graham 2013-02-27 14:47
I highly recommend the International College of Ministry to anyone because of my experience with them. I enrolled to work on my BA in Theology. Honestly, I didn't expect I would do well because in school I was just an average student. Then I had the feeling that I didn't know enough about the word of God. I was saved and in my comfort zone, but as I begin to take courses, I was blessed and enlightened through each course. I completed my BA in Theology and shortly thereafter, I was encouraged to work on my MA in Theology. Working on my MA was a blessing and I began to see the hand of God in my life. His spiritual gifts began to come forth from within me. I completed the MA program and decided to work on my Doctrine in Theology. I was truly blessed during that season of my life. The blessings of the Lord begin to manifest in my life supernaturally, including in the natural and spiritual. It was as the word of God states, "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him" I Cor 2:9.

Through Christ Jesus, I excelled in all of my classes. I remember I felt I would not do well academically. Also, I felt as if I didn't know enough, but I realized, if I applied myself, the Holy Spirit would do the rest. So I leaned on the Holy Spirit and HE did it. So if you feel you are too old, I was mid 40, that’s no excuse. If you feel you don't know enough or you’re not smart enough, that's no excuse either, because if you apply yourself it won’t be you, but the Holy Spirit. I have been elevated from GLORY TO GLORY, higher heights and deeper depths in God. I operate now in the Apostolic and Prophetic. Now there is a boldness in me. I thank God for this college and the opportunity to become equipped. I thank God for Dr. Ray Self who gave me this opportunity to be educated in seminary school.

Deborah Graham, Feb 12, 2011
0 #4 Apostle Bobby Jeans 2013-02-27 14:36
I realized from the moment I became acquainted with Dr. Ray Self and the International College of Ministry that God sent me to the right place for inspiration, education, and training in the purpose of God for my life. As a Pastor, ICM offered me convenient class schedules to fit my busy schedule along with the opportunity to enroll in blitz courses as well, all at an affordable price. I have come to know Dr. Self to be a humble servant of the Lord, and man of great integrity, and committed to advancing the ministry purpose God has for each student through ICM. If you are committed to fulfilling your God-ordained destiny, then ICM and Dr Ray Self are there to help you!

Apostle Bobby Jeans
Memphis, Tennessee

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