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The Office of the Evangelist - Lesson 05

by Dr. Nina Gardner



Reclaiming the Office of the Evangelist

Click the play button to begin video lesson and follow along with the class notes below the video window. When you complete this video, click the "Lesson Assignment" button at the bottom of this page to open the lesson assignment.

1. Immature evangelists are to be taught the disciplines of the gospel and sound doctrine.

2. They should also be taught and trained in a life of fasting and prayer.

3. It is also important that they know how to do deliverances and mapping territories for praying down territory strongholds.

4. Even if an evangelist is young or immature, a church should never squelch their desire to evangelize. It is beneficial to experience how to walk out what they know and to gain wisdom.

5. Biblically speaking, having a young, inexperienced evangelist to walk with a mature, seasoned evangelist brings them into their fullness quicker.

6. It would be wise for the church to be involved in their mission to get souls saved. The following are just a few ways that a church can begin to recover the lost office of the evangelist:

7. Recognize the call, then teach them sound doctrine

8. Promote their learning by sending them to church camps or outreaches.

9. Involve the church in outreaches in parks, prison ministries, rehab houses, street ministry, homeless shelters. The church should try to participate, not always to just send them out.

10. Team up with another church and do outreaches together.

11. Send them on mission trips (sponsor them or help them fund raise).

12. Offer to build teams to accompany them.

13. Commission them as they are ready to be released.

14. Commit to praying for them, and let them feel our support.

15. Listen to their heartbeat and where they feel led to go. (If they don’t know, a prayer team can pray with them until they know.)

16. When a church supports the evangelists, they can feel it.

17. A church should make room for new converts. When souls are saved and are brought in, the pastor should have a plan to help them stay connected. Such as…

18. New birth celebrations as well as baptisms.

19. Have some counseling services in place for them and phone numbers of help lines.

20. Doing deliverance services for them but also teach them how to come out of bondage.

21. Team up with AA or other entities that may can provide some support.

22. Do a giftings test to know where to place them where they are comfortable.

23. Evangelists are driven for revivals. They love the sweat and tears rolling from the repentant heart. They love to see their breakthroughs, but we must not let it stop there.

24. As the church teaches on the Office of the Evangelist, we will see many arise. They will build a fire in the church.

25. But if a local church will not allow it, that church will die. We must have new birth to survive. The kingdom of heaven cries out to receive them.

26. Evangelists are bold, fiery, and out of the box. They are the conquerors of the day! As the church embraces them, they will drive us to the field of harvest.

27. The Bible says that we are to pray for laborers in the harvest. We need our evangelists to arise and show us what they know.

28. They already have the blueprint of the gospel in them. They just know stuff that we don’t. we must learn to listen to the plan that God has already given to them.

29. May the church repent, rediscover the lost Office of the Evangelist, and embrace them.

30. They plan is to save the world and they truly believe they can! This is why Jesus came, to save the lost.

31. God, show us who the evangelists are and how you want us to work with them to accomplish your great commission.

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