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The Office of the Evangelist - Lesson 02

by Dr. Nina Gardner



Their Function and Dual Offices

Click the play button to begin video lesson and follow along with the class notes below the video window. When you complete this video, click the "Lesson Assignment" button at the bottom of this page to open the lesson assignment.

1. The functions of an evangelist vary depending on their gifts, callings, areas of their expertise, or even their heartbeat. In essence, no two evangelists are exactly alike.

2. Some do more preaching in churches, some on the streets, some house to house, crusades, or wherever, depending on God’s specific plan for them.

3. Some evangelists travel just in their denominational circle, some to the nations, some are called to the homeless, some to the prisons, some to the hospitals and nursing homes.

4. It really does not matter where they are called to do the work, it only matters that they are doing the work God sent them to do. No one needs to inform them where they are called, their passion drives them.

5. Evangelists are also called to equip the body of Christ, but their teaching, training, and mentoring are all about the plan of salvation and the babes in Christ.

6. Once again, they may not often be in local church services because if God calls them out to prison ministry, they will not hesitate to go. If God calls them to go equip people house to house, one on one, or to prepare the babes to transition to a church home, that’s where they will be.

7. Evangelists are also gifted with introducing the Holy Spirit. Like Peter and Paul in the book of Acts, they went to where the people were and introduced them to the Holy Spirit.

8. An evangelist’s preaching is mostly short and to the point. And it’s common for them to only have 10-12 messages because they are more about presenting the gospel than studying the next revelation. In fact, all their revelations are used to present the gospel.

9. Evangelists are the arms of the church and have many creative ideas how to reach the lost, but they will not form a committee to make it happen - that is not them. They are more about "doing" than "talking". When they think of it, it is as much as done.

10. However, they will spend time scoping out communities looking for places to evangelize or looking for tents for a meeting outside. (in a poor part of town, a controversial place, or a territorial place).

11. An evangelist may have a dual offices or role.

12. If the evangelist duals as a pastor, their fulfillment will still come from the new converts. And as a pastor, they will do a lot of outreach programs of various sorts and will have training classes for the new babes in Christ.

13. If they have a dual role as an apostle, like the apostle Paul, they may travel some or extensively. The apostle in them may organize but their focus is always on reaching the lost.

14. There are also some evangelist/prophet offices. Depending on their gifts and how the Holy Spirit moves upon them, you typically will not see these evangelists gathering lots of people since their prophetic nature is to be a loner. But their evangelist heartbeat to save souls will override their need to be alone.

15. As an evangelist/teacher, they will love to research ways to give tools to others for reaching the lost. They don’t just teach it, but they do it and teach what they learn. It’s a hands on experience that they impart.

16. As with all offices, it is possible to have dual offices but each will have a predominant office that will overshadow the other so this again defines how they function.

17. If an evangelist is called to undergird a particular church, some may even function under other roles such as being a deacon, altar worker, etc., yet their first love of evangelism will be prevalent, and they will first seek those needing Christ.

18. Depending on their dual office or other roles, an evangelist may also grant minister licenses and/or ordain them.

19. They take making disciples for evangelism serious. They look for opportunities to either be out working for God or training others to evangelize.

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