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Our Vision

ICM_Dove_01The International College of Ministry is a non-denominational, Christ centered, Holy Spirit filled, seminary based in central Florida. International College of Ministry offers associates, bachelors, masters and doctorate programs in theology ministry in Christian counseling.

ICM offers a variety of courses designed to equip people to work in various ministries. Ministries can come in many forms. ICM works to help the individual fulfill their purpose and calling from the Lord. Everything that ICM does is Christ centered and has one main purpose; to build or enhance the kingdom of God and the knowledge and revelation of Jesus Christ in this world. ICM offers sound scriptural teaching, training and equipping to anyone who has a sincere desire to come into a deeper knowledge and revelation of God.

We know that God earnestly desires to communicate to all mankind. We believe that in order to know the Master’s voice we must be students of His written word. ICM purposes to help each individual student come into the fullness of their personal call from the Lord. This will be done through education, prayer and an active use of the Spiritual gifts. ICM offers valid credentials to anyone who completes their degree program knowing that God will use these credentials as keys to open doors for the work of His Kingdom. Our vision is to build an exciting dynamic and purposeful online school as well as plant live campuses in cooperation with churches across our nation and in other countries. Our online school will be a storehouse of information and knowledge to complete this vision. ICM purposes to work with the local church in equipping and training their members through live classes, online classes, and webinars.

The reason we do this is that the message the true Ministers of Christ carry is the most important message the world will ever hear. It is critical that ministers be trained to accurately and powerfully reflect Jesus Christ. Our nation has become more and more godless. People are living under the authority of the prince of this world who is Satan. God wants to set His children free to live the abundant life that Jesus Christ promised. This mission is to be accomplished by God’s own set apart ministers. It is therefore critical that these ministers be trained to be as effective as possible in what the Lord has commissioned them to do. This is what ICM is about. ICM trains and equips, imparts and activates ministers with the knowledge and power that comes through the Holy Spirit. ICM works to glorify Christ because we know that everything the Holy Spirit is involved in will always glorify Jesus. We believe in these times, it is vital now more than ever, that people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and be restored into their relationship with God.

International College of Ministry

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