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The History of ICM College

Prophet_Guy_01The International College of Ministry is a non-denominational Christ centered seminary for all believers. The International College of Ministry is a unique ministry, founded by Dr. Ray Self in June of 2002 in Memphis, TN, after receiving a word from the Lord. At that time the school was popularly known as "The School of the Prophets." Several thousand students came to the school, many supernaturally as the Holy Spirit led them.

The school originally was a ministry certification license and ordination program. The school taught in areas of theology and Christian counseling with the emphasis being on having sound Christian doctrine and knowing the voice of God. Each class was marked by time of personal ministry at the end. Students not only learned the word of God but were encouraged to be doers of the word of God with various ministry exercises during each class. The School of the Prophets was popular with many denominations as students came from miles around to be taught the word of God and to be imparted and activated in their gifting.

Dr. Ray Self has worked in the equipping ministry since 1998. He was an 8-year member of the International Board of Advisors for Jacksonville Theological Seminary. He planted and was responsible for Jacksonville Theological campuses in 5 cities. In 2007 the school was relocated to Orlando Florida. Application was made to the Florida Department of Education and the school was approved to grant ecclesiastical degrees. The name of the school was changed to the International College of Ministry. Immediately the school experienced rapid growth working in cooperation with several churches in the Central Florida area as well as churches in Mississippi and Tennessee. ICM was approved to offer associates bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in ministry, theology and Christian counseling. The Lord spoke to Dr. Self and said that ICM was a vehicle to carry His message to the nations. In 2009 ICM began developing an online school that could reach people around the world with the message of God,. ICM is proud to have campuses in Oregon, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida Peru, Bahamas and soon Texas and Pennsylvania.

The International College of Ministry has always had the vision to equip ministers to work in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. ICM purposes not just to be academic institution but a college that allows the Holy Spirit to control the classroom. ICM desires to be the place where spirit and truth can always be found. At the time of this writing over 5000 students have studied through this ministry since 1998.

International College of Ministry

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