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00 - License & Ordination Application

  1. International College of Ministry

    International Office: 5631 Gilliam Rd., Orlando, FL 32818
    Mailing Address: 311 Saint Dunstan Way, Winter Park, FL 32792

    www.icmcollege.orgThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. — 321-837-9894

    License & Ordination Application

    (Must have an ICM Ministry License to be Considered for Ordination)

  2. Ministry License and Ordination Program

    • Requirements:
    • Fill out form completely.
    • Attach two letters of reference from two ordained ministers.
    • Attach a three page typed paper on your testimony and call.
    • A $100 application fee is to be submitted with a completed application form. If the candidate is not accepted for the program it will be refunded.
    • The candidate is required to have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours of ICM courses.
    • The total cost of the Ministry License and Ordination Program is $400 ($100 application fee and $300 license and ordination fee).
    • Once approved and completed, the candidate will receive a Ministry License and Certificate of Ordination. If possible will have hands laid on him for an impartation of this special call.
    • The ministry license must be renewed annually with a submission of our license renewal form. The annual renewal cost is $50.
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  15. Date of Salvation: (mm/dd/yyyy)(*)
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  16. Ministry Positions Held:(*)
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  17. Brief Description of Your Call:(*)
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  18. What are Your Core Beliefs Concerning Christ?(*)
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  19. I declare to ICM and the "cloud of heavenly witnesses" that the above information is true.

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  22. After you click "Submit Application," you will be automatically taken to PayPal to process your $100 USD application fee.
  23. Please Read:

    This application should only be submitted with understanding of the program guidelines. The application should be accompanied with your two letters of reference from ordained ministers and your 3 page typed paper. The application fee is $100.00, only refundable if the applicant is not accepted for the program.

    You may attach both reference letters and your 3-page typed letter below. Please attach only Microsoft Word Documents (.doc or .docx), text files (.txt), Open Office files (.ODF), or PDF document formats.

  24. Attach Letter of Reference #1
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  25. Attach Letter of Reference #2
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  26. Attach Your 3-Page Typed Paper
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  27. ICM Application Fee:

    By clicking "Submit Application" you will be taken to PayPal to process your application fee. Once your application fee is recieved, your application will be processed.

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