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Doctor of Theology

ICM's Doctor of Theology Program requires an acceptable master’s degree (approved by ICM) plus a minimum of 30 credit hours. Requirements include a minimum of 48 hours in theology related courses completed through undergraduate and current graduate education.

Prerequisite – Master’s Degree or Above

Required Courses for all Students (if not previously taken)

  • Essential Christian Doctrines (3 Credit Hours)
  • The Holy Spirit (3 Credit Hours)
  • Redeeming Your Past and Finding Your Promised Land (3 Credit Hours)

Other Requirements:

  • 3 Ministry or Theology Courses (9 Credit Hours)
  • Fundamentals of the Faith (3 Credit Hours) if not previously completed.
  • Fundamentals of the Faith Part 2 (3 Credit Hours) if not previously completed.
  • One 100 page MLA format preapproved theological thesis
  • A minimum of one live six week webinar
  • Electives will be added as needed

The above described program represents our normal guidelines however each degree program is customized per student according to their previous education and ministry experience. Requirements can be more or less as determined by ICM.

A change in major may cause an increase in program requirements.

Courses may be taken online, in ICM's virtual classroom, or live if offered. Refer to the online class calendar or contact your campus director for details.

Course Work Requirements

For each course, a student is required to complete the appropriate assignment. Common assignments will include essay or discussion questions demonstrating the student’s knowledge of the material that was taught.

For each course, a student is required to complete the following homework assignments:

  • Complete the assignment for each lesson or chapter.
  • Complete a final summary at the end of each course.
  • Complete whatever assignments or exams your ICM instructor may give.

The above requirements can be changed subject to the discretion of ICM depending on the prior educational experience of the student. Required credit hours can be increased if student does not have enough applicable undergraduate credits.

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