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00 - Application for Christian Counseling Certification Program

  1. International College of Ministry

    International Office: 5631 Gilliam Rd., Orlando, FL 32818
    Mailing Address: 311 Saint Dunstan Way, Winter Park, FL 32792

    www.icmcollege.orgThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. — 321-837-9894

    Application for Christian Counseling Certification Program

    In order to continue to equip the saints ICM is offering the following Christian Counseling certification program. This program will offer two levels of certification. These certificates are to add credibility and training to those called into the counseling ministry. This program is for all ICM teachers, directors, students and the public. Our encouragement is for those who do not have a degree in Christian counseling to continue their education with ICM and our degree programs.

    Courses are taught through ICM online college; books may be purchased at your favorite bookstore, christianbook.com, amazon.com, etc.)

    Program Requirements

    Each participate must fill out an online application at www.icmcollege.org (at the home page click on Student Resource Center then on Applications and Forms). The following courses must be completed. After completion of a certification student will be awarded their certification through a local ceremony or by mail.

    Certification I

    • Discover Your True Self & Defeat the Spirit of Illegitimacy – ICM Online
    • Counseling Victims to Freedom – ICM Online
    • Christian Counseling - Author Gary J. Collins (Textbook - Online Assignment)
    • Overcoming the Fear of Starting Over – ICM Online
    • Dealing with Controlling People – ICM Online
    • Communication and Conflict Resolution – ICM Online

    Certification II

    • The Wounded Heart - Author: Dan B. Allender (Textbook - Online Assignment)
    • Good Grief - Author: Granger Westberg (Textbook - Online Assignment)
    • Healing from the Dysfunctional Family – ICM Online
    • Overcoming Depression – ICM Online
    • Relationships and Boundaries – ICM Online
    • Changes That Heal – ICM Online

    Program Fees

    Students and public - $50 registration fee and $75 per course ($500) Students must complete all courses in a section to receive the certification. (See payment options below).

    Each certification is valued at 6 credit hours for transfer toward an ICM degree program.

    Payment Options

    1. Pay in full with application and receive a 10% discount on the entire program (save $50).
    2. Pay $50 registration fee with application and pay $100 a month by auto draft. Student will be required to give credit or debit card info for payment or checking account info with application. After $50 registration fee first payment is due within 30 days of date of application.

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