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Thank You ICM Staff for working hard to make this a Great Year for ICM Students!
Love, Dr. La Fondria Brown

Hats off to all 2023 Graduates! 

Amye Francis You all are amazing! 5 months ago

Greetings ICM Graduates, 
Congratulations on a job well done & a job well deserved! 
Looking forward to seeing you all at graduation! 
Love, Dr. La Fondria...

Wishing Dr. Mary L. Green, 

A Very Happy & Blessed Birthday

From Dr. La Fondria Brown  

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4 Dysfunctional Roles People Play Who Were...

http://facebook.com/myicm In life, we are all playing a role. We all have certain habits that we repeat over and over again whether we know it or...

Overcoming Those Holiday Blues

In Dr. Ray's 2019 Fireside Chat, he discusses overcoming the holiday blues.

 Welcome All New Students to the Amazing ICM Experience!

LaFondria, It’s Been A Joy As Yor Guidance Counselor To Watch You Soar As An Eagle On Your Way To Receive Your PhD in Christian Counseling-Can’t Wait