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"SHOUT OUT TO THE WORLD’S GREATEST GUIDANCE COUNSELOR, I KNOW!!!" Dr. Mary Green, Thank you for your prayers, concern and "loving care!" You have... Show more

Congratulations Monique Pack on completing the "Masters of Arts in Christian Counseling!!"   Way to Go!!!

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Thank You, Dr. Green, for "Jump-Starting" me again!!   You reignited the fire!  Thanks for your guidance and wisdom!   You are indeed an asset to ICM! 

Thanks, Dr Green, Today is my day!  Your assistance is invaluable!!!


Thank you, Dr. Mary Green, you are an inspiration & a "Divine Connector" between me, the other students & ICM!

Gloria Duckett I totally agree! Dr. Mary Green is a blessing and an inspiration to many. I am her #1 fan! 8 months ago

 Thank you, Dr. Self and his awesome staff and especially Dr. Mary Green for welcoming me to ICM in the M.A. C.C. Program.

Please welcome Brenda Seals whose been accepted into ICM's Master of Arts in Christian Counseling program.